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Deities > Aleria


Rank Primal
Home Plane Erhad
Alignment Good
Prime Virtues Compassion, Tolerance, Fortitude
Domains Good, Travel, Water, Air, Weather
Portfolio Elves, arts/music, storms, travel by water and air
Favored Weapon Longbow
Symbol Silver harp and ivy
Colors Silver, Green, and Blues
Herald a Ghaele azata or Lunar
Relics Quiver of Aleria (Efficient quiver)


Aleria is the elven goddess of the skies and sea, governing travel through them by flight and ship, and weather. She is known by some as the Tempest. She created elves as her people, granting them long life as resistance to Edenova's influence. This is why elves make their homes in treetops, as en effort to be close to her. 



Inspiration and Great Minds: Purple Duck games,,, I'll get you for stealing my idea! Okay, so I stole her from Warcraft 2, and really, apart from the name, their Aleria is completely different.

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