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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I find it unlikely I will update this much going forward, except when I randomly feel like it.  Check the recently updated in the sidebar. My current pursuits involve programming and console gaming. Take care.






Other Worlds
Skarn City Aerth Traykon  Unofficial Elder Scrolls Page  
Sluggy Freelance Order of the Stick DM of the Rings  
Pathfinder/3.x Resources
Pathfinder Reference Document (Paizo)

d20 Pathfinder SRD

Pathfinder Database Dungeonomicon 
Mythweavers  Dyslexic Character Sheets Hypertext d20  
Tools (Generic/Multisystem)
Name Generator Dungeon Crawlers Files  Donjon Tools  Monster Finder
Adventure Generator (Dizzy Dragon)
PF Treasure Generator 
PF Character Creator Combat Manager
Dyson's Maps Monster Advancer Inkwell Ideas
Corporate Shilling
Paizo Fat Dragon Games    



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