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Language Speakers/Region
Heloth Common tongue in the west.
Anheroshi Common tongue in the east.


Dwarves and duergar
Aklo Derro, inhuman monsters, and evil fey
Gnome Gnomes
Elven Elves
Draconic Lizardfolk, troglodytes, kobolds, and dragons
Giant/Myrdunese Giants and ungiants
Goblin/Brog Goblinoids
Gnoll Gnolls
Orc/Tarog Orc
Sylvan Nature spirits
Netherspeach Drow and other underworld races
Aquan The plane of water
Auran The plane of air
Ignan The plane of fire
Terran The plane of earth
Abyssal-Infernal/Kalnuegan The hell plane, Nuegalon
Celestial/Erhadian The celestial realm, Erhad
Druidic Secret language of druids


Aldrazan - The set of letters used in Helothian writings (the alphabet) originating from ancient Heroshim language. Aldrazan comes from the first and last letters, Aldra (beginning) and Zan (end). While most pronounce Aldrazan phonetically, in ancient Heroshim, both the L and R were silent, so the more accurate pronunciation would be "ah-da-zahn".

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