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Dengar Citadel

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A great orihalcon fortress built by dwarves during the time of Solanthian captivity. It resembles a great gyroscope with three gimbals rotating around a rotor where the keep lies. It was originally incorporated into the city of Solanthia.


The demiessence of the Node of Space interacting with the Node of Matter caused the Citadel to transform into its current shape. Upon its activation, Dengar Citadel rose from Solanthia, destroying much of it in the process. The fortress housed a great weapon called the God Smite, which was used to destroy the nation of Talonia


It now floats above the inundated area formerly the isle of Solanthus. 



Inspirations: The name, Dengar is an anagram of Garden, which are the flying fortresses from Final Fantasy 8. The structure has the Garden's orbital rings in a gimbaled arrangement. The appearance of the fortress itself was inspired by a piece of Amano's artwork for Final Fantasy 1. Also note that, no, I didn't know about this rough looking schlub... nor do I want to.

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